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Konata Izumi Cosplay by @hotgirlanime

We asked Shalina aka @hotgirlanime:

What inspired you to start cosplaying?


What is your favorite cosplay you have ever done?

Answers 👇 with her Konata cosplay!

Konata Izumi from Lucky Star

Shalina Says:

“I honestly did not see myself taking the road of being a cosplay. It was something that just...happened. It also didn't hurt that I have a little extra spending money thanks to having a job now lol.

I would have to say Winry because she was by mistake lol. I was trying on a blonde wig for my Misa cosplay and I was like "hold on, let me put a green bandanna on and see something" and boom thus was the Winry cosplay born!

FMAB is my number 1 anime and I have not seen a lot of Black cosplayers doing Winry. So, I'm so happy it was well received.”

We know you want to see her Winry cosplay 😉 Check it out and more on her Instagram and Twitter.

*We do not own picture. If you wish to repost picture please ask cosplayer*

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