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Hawks Cosplay by @Cosplaybaenay

Nayona aka @cosplaybaenay has been cosplaying for 5 months but dont assume..her cosplays look like she’s been doing this for years! Follow her on IG(@cosplaybaenay) and Tik Tok(@cosplaybaenay)


💜Nayona On Cosplay:

“I love it so far! It’s really fun to bring some of my favorite characters to life but also make them my own. The community is super supportive and have been very welcoming.”

💜What’s Challenging About Cosplay?:

“I do find it challenging sometimes to find cosplays in my size. It’s a bit harder for thicker women to be canon without l making it or paying a ton of money. That’s what inspires me to do my own thing with my characters!”

Nayona’s Hawks cosplay from My Hero Academia

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