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Hadiya Dara Boutique by Kiani & Vivienne Business Feature

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

For Women’s History Month this year, Animeforwomen will feature 30 women who own a small business. Each business that we feature is donating a gift certificate. The gift certificates will be given away at our raffle event on Discord on March 31st at 5pm PST/8pm EST. A winner will receive a gift certificate from each business.

Up to 18 chances to win! Click here!


(Business Owners:Kiani Spooner (left) Vivienne White (right))

Hadiya Dara Boutique

Kiani and Vivienne are crochet artists, boy moms, and best friends. Formally known as Hooked by Vee & Kee, they began to use their talents to create simple, yet beautiful pieces for friends and family. When the pandemic started, they expanded from mainly hats and blankets to masks as well wanting to provide protection that still allowed you to express your individuality. What started out as a hobby became a business; as young mothers they wanted to show their sons that successfully working in your passion is possible. Vivienne and Kiani wanted their business to reflect their uniqueness so, they rebranded using their middle names to create Hadiya Dara Boutique.

Hadiya meaning “gift from God” and Dara meaning “beautiful,” they believe each piece they design is truly a Beautiful Gift. With multiple years of crochet experience, comes a catalogue that stretches from apparel for you to home decor to items for your four legged friends. They will work with you to insure your vision comes to life. Whether you want a crop top for your summer vacation, a cozy for your hot cocoa, or a blanket for your new baby cousin, Kiani and Vivienne will do their very best to provide you with a gift as beautiful as you are.

Gift Certificate Donation:$20


Hadiya Dara boutique


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