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Gojo Fanfic, and yes it's a lemon..

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We received a new submission called "Gojo Fanfic"...and when we tell you that we literally had to read this alone...we are not lying to you.

What makes this fanfic so spicy? Well the author Talisha B. did her thing capturing Gojo's personality just right, as well as setting the mood for a sultry read.

Read it here

Think of it this way, you are in a world with Gojo Satoru and he's on your ass! (In a way we only can dream of)

Take a look at this excerpt before reading if you're still not convinced. Then come back and tell us how you can't stop thinking about what he would do to you irl.


"“You’ve been a bad girl.” A deep voice leans into me and whispers in my ear from behind.

I turn around, there is no one behind me. After looking around a few more times, I go back to folding my laundry and putting them away in my drawers in my new apartment in Kyoto.

I came to Kyoto University as an exchange student for the next two year from Spelman College as an engineering student. I was able to talk the department into letting me finish out my degree at an international school seeing as things needed to cool down at home. Seeing as I shot my sister’s piece of shit boyfriend in the shoulder after he beat her, which landed her in the hospital. The only reason he’s not dead is because she grabbed my arm. Also the only reason I’m not in jail is because he couldn’t call the cops from the multiple outstanding warrants he has on him. Either way, I will still try and keep him away even while I’m away.

“Wait… Didn’t I just put that sweater away?” I mumbled to myself as I put my favorite sweater back where I had originally placed it.

“Did I say you can move it back?” That deep voice said again. This time I turn around and see a man standing in the corner of the room.

He was tall, with white hair. Muscular, but still lean enough to not look like an enraged bodybuilder. This man was wearing sunglasses even though it was late enough into the evening that the sun wouldn’t hurt anyone’s eyes. But one thing was for sure as I looked at him even more, he was expensive, his clothes were understated, but even I knew that they cost more than what I’ve made in the past few years combined.

“Who the fuck are you? And why the hell are you in my apartment?” I screamed as I threw clothes at him as I backed up to the bat that I had purchased when I got into town.

“Oh me?” He laughed as he easily dodged clothes. “I’m your neighbor. I got locked out, mind if I use your porch for a second.” He pointed behind him.

Hearing him say that made me remember about what the landlord said about me now having to deal with the crazy-yet-hot neighbor.

“Are you Gojo Satoru?” I asked as I pinched the bridge of my nose to ease the oncoming headache this has caused.

“In the flesh.” He was grinning. He really is crazy. “Speaking of flesh… Yours looks soft.”.......

Comment and tell us what you think!

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