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Fate/stay night Cosplay by @animorpHoe

Check out @animorpHoe Rider cosplay from Fate/stay night 😍

We asked @animporHoe :

💜What inspired her to get into cosplaying?

💜What is her favorite cosplay?

@animporHoe said:

”I started watching sailor moon as a child and I have memories from as early as I can recall of wishing I could wear the cute outfits like them and be like them. I went through middle and high school being too shy about being a nerd to talk to anyone about it or even think about cosplaying. When I got to college and started to do what I want regardless of what people thought, I agreed to go to a convention with my younger sister who had cosplayed for a few years but was finally starting to really get into it and make her own costumes. My first con I didn’t cosplay at, but she did and ended up inspiring me to make two costumes for our next con and I haven’t stopped. Since the pandemic, I really leaned into my creative outlets because I wanted something to bring me joy during the hard times and I’ve gotten a bit better with my skills.

My favorite cosplay right now is probably Vanessa. I have never put so much time into a cosplay, and even though she wasn’t perfect for Katsucon, that didn’t deter me from wearing her, and everyone’s positive reactions to how she turned out makes me even more excited to work on her further and protect her. I love the cosplay community, and I get to work on cosplays with my best friends. I’m glad I got over my fears of being “cringe” and found lifelong friendships and hobbies.”

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*We do not own this picture. We asked the cosplayer if we can use her photos*

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