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Cosplay Wig Stylist! @rentchan

Wigs,Wigs,Wigs We Do Adoree…

Especially wigs that brings our favorite characters to life! We found a talented wig stylist who does just that for her clients.

Laurentia Angelica aka @rentchan has given her clients top quality cosplay wigs that you can’t find anywhere else!

Take a look for yourself. Here are some examples of her work:

Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho!

Temari from Naruto

Shampoo from Ranma 1/2

Want to get your own?

If you’re looking for a cosplay wig you can head over to @rentchan instagram! Coming straight from @rentchan here are the steps to follow to order your wig:

  1. DM @rentchan on instagram you can send some reference pictures of your character.

  2. She then calculates estimated price and time of the wig you agree to the price and waiting list then the payment is made

  3. She needs your head size! have your head size ready

  4. Once the wig is finished she sends you a photo if there isn’t anything you need her to change she ships it out right away!

Follow her on instagram (@rentchan) for more pictures of her wigs and/or DM her to get your next cosplay wig 💜

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