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@AuntieAnbu’s Naruto & Cannon Busters Cosplay

We are inspired by the lovely @auntieanbu!

This auntie gave us the break down of how she got into anime and why!

Before you read peep some of her cosplay below!


Anbu Black Ops Squad Leader from Naruto

Dex from Cannon Busters

💜From @auntieanbu:

“These photos signify why I started cosplaying. I was sitting in the cafeteria at Yomocon in Detroit, MI and in walks this group of gorgeous young black women and men as an Anbu Ops Squad. There are no words to describe the awe and pride I experienced watching them proudly walk in to sit down to eat (because you gotta refuel after a mission, right?). So, as a 56-year-old mother of 3 (I think that makes me a commander, yes?) I did this at BlerDCon 2019, and it was REALLY FUN!!! I was so ridiculously excited and proud to be part of an amazing Blerd community, thank you, my heart is full, and I’ve found…HOME. Love, Sappy Mom

Another fun fact…my child got me started in cosplay! I took them to a con and that was it for me, bitten by the cosplay bug.”

💜Find more about @auntieanbu on her Instagram! Future Cosplans: DC Violet Lantern – Marvel Black Panther mashup 💜


Credits: We do not own these photos

Character: Anbu Black Ops Squad Leader Anime: Naruto Photographer: @SFdesign21 Cosplay & Prop Design: @auntieanbu

Character: Dex

Anime: Cannon Busters

Creator: LeSean Thomas

Cosplay Design: Cross x Works (FB)

Graphic and Concept Art Design: @artpastelkelsey

Photographer: @madmckeephotography

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