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Art By Qveen Destinee Miller Business Feature

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

For Women’s History Month this year, Animeforwomen will feature 30 women who own a small business. Each business that we feature is donating a gift certificate. The gift certificates will be given away at our raffle event on Discord on March 31st at 5pm PST/8pm EST. A winner will receive a gift certificate from each business.

Up to 18 chances to win! Click here!


(Business Owner:Destinee Miller)

Art By Qveen

I started this business out of my love for art and anime and I wanted to share my work with others. I love making customs alot because they are one of a kind and it really reflects the person you're making it for! Especially when you can put their favorite character on something for them! Art is an act of self expression and can be used to celebrate someone, something, or a passion. I want to continue to expand my business and eventually have a booth at conventions as well!

Gift Certificate Donation:$35


Art By Qveen


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