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Anime Figure/Statue Resource Facebook Group by Alexis

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Alexis Hopkins recently started a Facebook group for all anime figure/statue enthusiasts! In the group you can find photos of anime merch, information on where to find new pre-orders, and more!

If you wish to join click here


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We asked Alexis a few questions about her group including what inspired her to create it.💜

💜What is your group called?

"Anime Figure/Statue Resource"

💜When and what made you start your group?

A: "This group is brand new, we just started it recently. I felt the desire to create it after experiencing the frustration of wanting one spot to hear about all the recent releases from figure manufacturers, finding trustworthy sites to buy from and learning about planned figures for the future. As wonderful as social media is, sometimes the information we are looking for can get lost in a sea of information we aren’t."

💜Who is it for?

A: "I think this group is great for people who are new to anime figure collecting, and possibly even those who have been collecting for decades. Whether you only want/have 1 or 2 figures, or if your basement is wall to wall shelves full of dioramas, this group (hopefully) can benefit you."

💜What is your main goal for your group?

A: "To give people the information they want/need to begin buying figure collection, or even just add to their current collections. I want people to be safe and to have a group where they can ask questions about a sellers trustworthiness, and also find out about figure brands they may have never heard of. I would love for the community to grow and become a resource that collectors can come to rely on. The first step to accomplishing the goal is for the group to grow, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk about the group to begin that first step."

💜What is your favorite anime figure you collected so far if any?

A: "Ohhh, this is such a hard question especially when I’m still really excited about a recent preorder I made. I think if I had to choose just one of my figures to call my favorite, it would be my Ancient Magus Bride figure set by Genei. The Ancient Magus Bride (魔法使いの嫁/Mahō Tsukai no Yome) is one of my all time favorite Animes/Manga, but I discovered it after it’s first season was already completed. When I discovered this figure it was no longer in production and became my dream figure, the one I felt I had no hope of ever owning. Without my knowing my sweet husband proceeded to watch eBay like a hawk for months, waiting for one in a price point we could afford. A seller in japan happen to post one at a reasonable price considering the rarity, and my husband scooped it up after verifying its authenticity. He could barely contain his excitement and immediately told me once he got home what he had bought for me. That set not only is my dream come true, but also holds such a special memory now of my husband going above and beyond for me to have something he knew I was dying to have in my collection."

( Alexis' favorite figure :Ancient Magus Bride (魔法使いの嫁/Mahō Tsukai no Yome)

Animeforwomen does not own Anime Figure/Statue Resource nor the pictures used in the feature

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