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A Love Supreme by Aesthetic Ruse

A Love Supreme by Aesthetic Ruse

Katsuki and Eijirou had been together since the middle of first year but for some reason their first Valentine’s Day as adults made Kiri nervous. Sure Kats was his valentine every year but now they’re adults super busy with starting their careers. They barely saw each other between being in different agencies and having varying schedules who knew if they’d even see each other on the 14th. Kirishima just assumed they’d have to do something on a different day or

cross their fingers for white day.

On the 13th, Eijirou goes to bed alone because Bakugo had a late shift. When he wakes up he expects to see Kats knocked out next to him but the bed is empty. He suspects that his boyfriend fell asleep on the couch again. He throws on his limited edition “DynaMight Simp” robe to go save his man from a stiff neck only to find the living room empty too. He finally registers the smell of breakfast so he walks to the kitchen to find his sweetheart of a boyfriend putting the finishing touches on the most beautiful, romantic meal he’s ever seen.

“Morning babe. You’re two seconds too early.” Of course Katsuki heard him coming. “Good morning baby. But uh bro why aren’t you sleeping?” Bakugo ignores his question, “Don’t just stand there Shitty Hair. You better eat while the food is still hot.” Eijirou notices his and Kats matching “gay is manly” cups by the coffee machine filled with black coffee for Kats and something under a lot of whipped cream for Kiri. He picks them up and takes them to the table with him.

“Dumbass I was gonna get them.” “It’s fine I got it. I mean it’s the least I could do after you worked all night then came home and did all this. This looks amazing bro! Itadakimasu!” Katsuki just watches as his favorite himbo digs in making sure to get some of everything. A couple slices of strawberry filled french toast, some bacon, a big spoon full of scrambled eggs, some sausage… oop can’t forget the syrup!

After stuffing his mouth with the yummiest french toast ever made Kirishima realizes Katsuki has yet to start eating. He picks up a strawberry & offers it to him. Bakugo gives him that beautiful smile that’s reserved only for him and takes a bite. Kiri thinks to himself ‘damn you’re such a lucky man to scoop a certified baddie.’ Oh gosh Katsuki would be horrified to hear his boyfriend sounding like Denks; Kiri laughs at the thought.

“What’s so funny?” Kiri opts to go with his first thought, “I was just thinking that I’m so lucky that I get to be with you. I didn’t think we’d get to celebrate today.” Eijirou tries to hide how sad that made him feel but of course Bakugo sees right through it. “I know we’ve been busy but I wouldn’t dare miss sharing this stupid sappy ass day with you. I love you or whatever.” Kiri starts to tear up, “I love you or whatever too!! Let’s hurry up and eat. I have a Valentine’s gift for you too. Wink-wink.”

Gods he loves this sexy idiot. As his man stuffs his face like a chipmunk with a hot cocoa mustache, Katsuki can’t help but think that he's truly the luckiest man in the world. He has such a kind, joyful boyfriend who loves him not despite his rough exterior, but loves all of him even his jagged edges. “Happy Valentine’s Day Ei.”

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