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Unwanted (Katsuki & female reader)

Unwanted (Katsuki & female reader)

By: Misaki_firefox

(Y/N) Todoroki is the mirror twin of Shouto Todoroki. They even have the same quirk. The only thing they don't share is their fathers attention. Which good or bad leaves (Y/N) to fight her own way into the hero world.

This will loosely follow the plot of the show but I will be going my own route.


bakugo, bnha, myheroacademia, myhero, lemon, reader



Warnings ⚠️ will be

Blood 🩸
Smut 🍋
Maybe more than that idk

No photos posted are mine unless stated. And Im not putting a lot of pics anyway. Anyway, I hope you enjoy 😊

Also I don't own any of the characters or the original story line.
Ok so alittle info on our girl here (you hehe) Sorry but your looks are already made cause of plot reasons
You are 5'2 (honestly as long as you are shorter than shouto and Katsuki it really doesn't matter)You have long red (right) and white (left) hairLeft grey eye and right blue eye.
You are Shouto's mirror twin. You look identical but just opposite sides. So his fire is left and yours is right and so forth. I hope you get it, wow I'm super bad at this. I promise the story will be better (I hope).

Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.
Comments are always appreciated let me know what you like or what I can improve on. I'm trying to get the hang of writing.

Chapter 1

Walking down the street mid-day was definitely out of the norm but it was better than being stuck in that dreadful house. The weather was decent as well so the walk was pleasant. My mind far away as I pass unimportant people. Feeling their stares, a long lost feeling. I hated how they knew me. I hated how my unique appearance instantly identified me.

"What" I growled at a guy who didn't bother hiding his gawking.

"You're Endeavors daughter, right?!" He practically yelled causing more people to turn and stare.
I narrowed my mismatched eyes at him. Can't I breathe for five seconds without being reminded of that jerk.
I just smiled, excused myself and started walking the opposite direction of the fans of the number two hero. My long two toned hair flowing back as I quickly walked down an ally. I used the tie on my wrist to pull my hair in a messy bun and pull my hood on the dark hoodie I'm wearing up. Might as well go back to hiding, getting noticed is just too overwhelming after today.

(Flash back to a few hours ago)

"I won't recommend you, you don't belong in a hero school." My father says plainly barely sparing me a glance.
"I don't want your recommendation, just your permission to go, Enji." I calmly say as if we were just discussing the weather. While inside I'm breaking. I look over at Shouto who is staring a hole in the wall behind where our father is sitting. I can see that he is having trouble holding his tongue but I appreciate him respecting me asking him to let me fight this on my own. Honestly him defending me would be the final nail in the coffin of my hopes of becoming a hero.
Shouto is my older twin by a whopping 17 minutes. Father was nearly busting with joy, hoping this son would be the one to fulfill his morbid dreams. Then I came, not that he would have noticed. As soon as he found out that Shouto's other half was a female he was determined to pretend I didn't exist. He would be damned before a woman surpassed his "manly" level.

"Learn some respect, girl" he spits out at me pissed I'm using his name instead of "father" which I refuse to call him to his face. Spiteful and immature? Maybe but it's the little things in life like watching him ignite that count. "But Ill make a deal with you."

I freeze, "Excuse me?" He can't be serious and if he is it definitely is not an act of kindness.

It's almost like he's rethinking it over and over before he actually responds, "I will allow you to attend UA if you can manage to pass the entrance exams." He states "WITH top scores" he adds quickly.

Shouto's head whips towards me, a slight smile on his lips. This is it! I couldn't believe it I get a chance. I mean he wouldn't lie right?

Promise? I get the top scores and you will let me attend?" I ask cautiously, fear of him taking it back shaking through me.

"THAT'S WHAT I SAID!" He spat at me "Don't get your hopes up, girl. There are plenty of young men that are far superior and more qualified to attend UA than a little girl with no business being there."

His cruel words don't even phrase me, I'm on cloud nine with this new turn of events. I practically skipped out of the room dragging my smiling brother with me.

"Can you believe it, Sho?!" I say once we get to his room. I flop on his bed while he stands smiling down at me. "We are gonna be the greatest team of heroes the world has ever seen!"

"That we are, (y/n)" his normally monotone voice cheerful. "I'm shocked that he caved so easily, now it's time for you to hit the books, sis"

I roll my eyes, I'm smart, not his level smart but I know he's right. I'll have to study nonstop in order to pass the written test. I'm definitely not blessed with the attention span to sit through a test. So in order to get one of the top scores I really need to hit the books. I know I'm gonna—

"What's that smell?" Shouto interrupts my thoughts the same time a smell hits my nose. Burning? SMOKE?! We both snap our gazes to each other and run. We get to the room. Or more precise my school books. On fire. The cause, my proud looking father. Huge smile plastered on his face. Frozen, I stare at all my stuff, my chance literally going up in smoke.

"I said you can try I never said it would be a walk in the park." He says like a child who just won his favorite game. "Shouto, put out that fire." He turns and smirks at me as my brother uses his ice to freeze my desk extinguishing the fire, "also, don't even think about using your brother to help you. I'll ban you from seeing him if I have too. You will do this completely on your own"

I stopped listening at some point. My head was spinning I couldn't see straight, I felt like I was under water. I- I can't breathe. Where do I go? Where am I? I'm running down the hall. Away from his howling laughter. I faintly hear Shouto yelling for me. I can't answer. Stumbling through the halls I make it to the kitchen. I fling myself to the sink, turning on the faucet, I submerge my face in the stream. I'm too hot. Trying desperately to come back to earth. I hear the heavy steps of the devil himself walk into the kitchen.

I turn off the tap, grabbing a towel and drying my face and strands of wet hair. Finally beginning to focus better. I don't turn around but his presence is overwhelming. My blood is boiling. How dare him! Why? Why does he hate me so much? What did I do wrong?

"Did you think it would be easy?" He taunts "that I would let you just walk out of here and make a fool out of me?" I turn towards him.

"What I think? What I think is that you are already a fool! You are such a huge literal hunk of shit that can't cut it in life so you had kids that you can take it out on!" I'm seeing red. Rambling insults.


I fall l to the floor after his monster of a hand slaps me across the face.
"(Y/N)!!!" Shouto tries to run to me but Enji holds him back.
I reach up and touch my burning cheek. My shock lasts only a second. It's not out of the norm for him to get physical.

"I hate you, you will end up losing a battle and I will be there to laugh as you fall." With that I run out the house. Shoulder tapping Fuyumi on the way out.

"(Y/n) what's wrong?" She yells at my retreating back but I don't stop. I know what I did to deserve his hate, I was born.

(End flashback)


An explosion grabs my attention. I run towards the sound.

Is that sludge? What is going on? Then I see it, a boy being swallowed up in it. He is yelling curses at the sludge, trying to break free.

What do I do? How do I help? I panic. There are no heroes around. I have to do something. His red eyes meet mine. I can't just stand there.

I run forward, flinging my wrist, freezing half of the monster. Avoiding the trapped boy.

"Are you ok?" I ask the boy.

"FUCK OFF! I DONT NEED YOUR HELP!" He screams at me. While the sludge is crawling further and further up his body.

"Yeah I can see that" I roll my eyes. Shit I got to expand the ice. Pointing my left arm, I shoot ice up the creature slowing his movements.

"You brat! I'll devour you too!" The monster starts shaking, breaking my ice .


*If you wish to keep up with this fanfic read the rest here*

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