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By: flamingsimp



Tokyo had became over thrown
by crime, violence, gang wars and delinquents.
the police were out numbered or were being payed for their silence. And the politicians had the gangs under their own payroll for dirty jobs it became the new normal for every channel on TV to be filled with new on a new gang rising to power.
Amongst the reality of this harsh new world stood a gang that tried to stand above the rest. Powerful, silent and most of all deadly.....they wanted to bring a order to things under their control.
But when the gang stumbled acrossed a certain little girl with an unknown background. That all changed.


ynstories, Toman, TokyoRevengers



One and only time I'm Saying any of this so plz Read before continuing.
This is a fanfic, is in no means A spoiler I write these for fun. and for my friends.
This story is very much 18+ so minors plz do not Interact.
Also goes without saying I do not own tokyo revengers Or any of its characters!
I love the fanart for TR
ill be using it mostly

Please be kind... again just a fan fic. If you find this type of thing "cringy"dont read.
If aging-up characters makes you uncomfy, again. Don't read.

This is a y/n story So if you didnt already Know :
Y/n=your name
F/n= first name
E/c=eye color
S/c= skin color
S/t= skin tone
H/c= hair color
H/l= hair length
B/t=body type (I'll probably just use -size- for body type)
F/f= favorite food
F/s= favorite snack(s)
F/d= favorite drink(s)
F/c= favorite color
(Get the gist?)

Once again please be nice and don't forget to vote please. It means alot. This is only for fun and all but it is nice when (the appropriate) ppl interact.

shout out to my bestfriend and editor, Becca and the most amazing people who I have the privilege of using as O.Cs. Jordan, Qury, Angelica and Jasmin

- adult language
-gang violence (duh)
-domestic violence
-abuse in many forms
-weapons mentioned
-gaslighting/ manipulation
-death/ murder
pretty sure i covered all my bases If not ill adjust in the future.
Insomnia gang wya?Cuz post will come in The middle of the night .

(Add on here, shit starts to pick up on the triggers around chapter 14 sooo....yea there's your only warning lol)

Chapter 1

The fight between the tokyo manji gang and Moebious had started. The sounds of yelling and fighting filled the air.
"Draken!......fuck.....where is he"

The blonde known as Takemichi ran through the chaos, pushing past members from his own gang. Dodging blows from the opposite, as he frantically searched for his friend.

Until.....he spotted Draken face down on the a puddle of his own blood.


Takemichi runs to him, dropping to his knees,flipping himonto his back seeing blood leaking from his mouth.
Takemichi looks up spotting the leader of his gang, Mikey, they made brief eye contact.


As soon as those words left his mouth Draken takes a deep breath, a sigh of relief leaves Takemichi. Looking back to mikey.

"Hes alive! But its bad! We need to get him to the hospital."

Mikey takes off towards the two, being stopped by a kick to his stomach sending him flying backwards.

"Mikeyyy.....where do you think your going?"

A tall dark haired man with a blonde streak in his hair yelled out laughing lifting his tattooed hand to his face.

"Shit....Takemichi...take care of draken for me!"

Without hesitation Takemichi lifts draken onto his back slowly and heads towards the alleyway not stopping as he struggles with the giant man's figure on his back,

Coming to the end of the 1st alleyway he spots a large clud of grey smoke seeing a suv on fire as he approaches his eyes open wide.

Draken groans and lifts his head. Stumbling backwards off of Takemichi's back.

"The fucker really stabbed me, huh?"

He smirks slightly holding his hand to his wound that was still bleeding. He looks over to Takemichi who hadn't moved, staring ahead without a word.

"Oi....Takemichi....whats up....what are you lo-"

Drakens eyes widen stumbling forward to stand next to Takemichi, they both take in the scene in front of them.

The dark green suv on fire the Silhouettes of 2 people in the blazing car, on the ground a few feet away laid a small body crumbled not moving.

"Fuck! Thats a kid!"

Draken limps forward with Takemichi following behind slowly. Draken drops to his knees and carefully turns the child over. His eyes widen seeing the small girl, her h/l h/c hair covered in dirt and ash. Her s/t looked paler than it should be. The dark blue dress ripped and she was missing a shoe. He watched her small chest rise and fall as she took shallow breaths.

"Shes breathing! Kid.....kid...wake up!"

Draken rubbed her cheed with the hand that wasn't wrapped around her back for support. Takemichi kneeled down finally coming out of his trance.

"Draken take it easy....your wounded too"

Draken ignored him and patted her cheek until she opened her eyes letting out a soft whimper.

"Ey! There you are! You're going to be okay....can you talk?
What's your name?"

His eyes meeting her big e/c eyes that suddenly filled with tears.

" name is....y/n...."

He smiled and nodded his head. Brushing off some of the dirt form her face.

"How old are you y/n....."

She mumbled a number and held up her hand, all 5 fingers stretched out.

He nods.

"Where are your parents...."

She looks over to the burning car and her eyes filled with tears again. She points towards it and sobs.

"Draken we need to go...."

Again draken ignores Takemichi. Holding the girl silently for several minutes..

"Do you have any family y/n?"

She shakes her head no and cries louder. His eyes widen again looking down at the small girl.

She was an orphan just like him...
He knew what would happen to her if he left her there....
he couldn't let her go....
Within that moment, time felt like it stopped..he made a decision that would change his life forever.

The sounds of foot steps running could be heard from behind them.

Takemichi stands quickly turning to face the two that were approaching.


They approached and stopped their eyes widen. Emma runs past the two and drops to her knees by Draken.

"Mikey sent Ambulance is on the way.....Draken....who is this?"

Draken sighs pulling the girl away from his chest. Looking from her to Emma.


There was a strong silence before another explosion came from the car sending the three on the ground flying. Knocking them out.

"What the fuck do you mean that little brat is Drakens kid. What is he thinking taking on that kinda old is he?"

"Baji enough. We're in a hospital. If ken-chin says she's his daughter....then that's what she is."

The small girl opened her eyes looking to the short blonde headed boy with the coat drapped over his shoulders talking to a dark hair boy who seemed to be taller. She lifted her head from the lap she was laying on looking at the girls face, then around the waiting room.

"Mikey....shes awake...."

Mikey walks over to her, crouching down smiling, his entire demeanor changing. He lifts his hand.

"Hi, my name is Mikey. It's nice to meet you"

Her large e/c eyes widen filling with tears staring at him.

She whispers looking over at Emma who was smiling down at her. She stands up brushing off her skirt and walking over to a nurse. The girl watches her talk, but she's too far away to hear what she's saying until she walks back over.

"Mikey....the nurse say Draken can have visitors but only two at a time....I think you and....y/n should go and Hina can visit him after okay? I'll show you to his room.."

She says in a hushed tone, Mikey smiles and stands up, finally taking his gaze off the girl. He offers the small girl his hand and she takes it carefully getting off the seat, he turns to the other guys that were standing in the waiting room.

"We will have a meeting at the hide out in 2 weeks, spread the word there at 9"

And with that mikey took y/n hand and walked down the hallway. Emma on the other side of the girl.

"Ye know mikey....we could probably take her to gramps....if we take her to the police they will just throw her in the system and-"

Mikey shakes his head no smiling over to his sister. She looked at him with a confused expression.

"No....she is ken-chins daughter, he should choose what we do from here."

Mikey smiles down at the girl who looks up at him confused.

"Dont worry you have a family now. Just trust us....okay?"

*If you wish to keep up with this fanfic read the rest here*

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