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The Hoodie

The Hoodie

By: SaiPaintsAStory

Yo D-we're heading out. Want anything?" Keigo called to me from the living room. "Nah I'm good. Have fun." I yelled back, not bothering to move from my spot in bed. I tried to avoid interacting with them when she's over. She's a nice girl, if a little boring. I always thought Kei would go for someone more interesting. I don't know, she's alright I guess. I hear the door latch, but wait a full minute before I venture out to the kitchen for a snack.


Dabi, Hawks, myheroacademia, yaoi, lemon



So this is just a little one-shot I came up with while sitting bored at work. It takes place in an MHA AU where there's no villains or heroes, just people born with quirks. Same quirks, same abilities, but normal life.

This here is full of that gay shit, so if you're not into that, X out of this story now, it's not for you. This is NOT for anyone under the age of 18. I can't police the internet, so this is your one and only warning.
Also, If you know who the original artist is of the cover art, please send me a note so I can credit them. I searched for over an hour and couldn't find it. I would like to give credit if I can.

*One more thing, just in case-mild spoiler I guess, if you haven't read the MHA manga.
All that said, I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1
The smell of your cologne is still on it

"Yo D-we're heading out. Want anything?" Keigo called to me from the living room. "Nah I'm good. Have fun." I yelled back, not bothering to move from my spot in bed. I tried to avoid interacting with them when she's over. She's a nice girl, if a little boring. I always thought Kei would go for someone more interesting. I don't know, she's alright I guess. I hear the door latch, but wait a full minute before I venture out to the kitchen for a snack.

I plod down the hall in my typical pajama bottoms and t-shirt, absently playing with the dermal piercings under my shirt as I walk. What anime should I watch today? I mentally run down the list of 'watched' vs 'need to watch' as I cross the living room. I see Kei's hoodie draped over the back of the chair as I walk by. "Damn that kid. He's always leaving his shit around." I could just leave it there and text him to pick up his shit, but no, I'll be that nice guy and throw it back in his room for him. I grab it and continue to the kitchen.

I open the pantry and just stare at it. I'm looking for a snack, I swear. I'm not at all preoccupied with the fact that I can smell cologne clinging to a hoodie that I'm still holding in my hand for absolutely no reason at all. Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it you damn simp. FRIDGE. Check the fridge. Still holding the hoodie. "What do we got in here..." I say, continuing to try and avoid what I'm very clearly not avoiding. "....chicken wings...fuck my life." I sigh and slam the door shut. "This isn't working." I drop my head in resignation, now just staring at the stupid black cloth in my hand.

I turn to walk back to my room, giving in and holding the sweatshirt up to my face, breathing in deep, taking in as much of it as I can. His cologne mixed with his scent. Why does that damn chicken have to smell so good? It's so much worse when he comes back from the gym. I can't take it. The way he comes out of the bathroom after a shower, towel draped loose around his waist, shimmering from the moisture still clinging to his body, hair slicked back...It's like watching a god descend from heaven. I usually try to avoid seeing it, because the way it tortures my heart and my dick is almost unbearable.

I've loved that stupid bird since freshman year when I first saw him laughing with some other kids at orientation. The wings caught my eye. I mean, how could they not? Bright red but with almost rippling hues of darker crimson the deeper in you look. I've always been envious of beautiful people, having been made a freak of nature at an early age. I gained a little confidence when I added the dermal piercings as I got older, gave me a certain edgy...clout I guess. People didn't seem as wary to talk to me as they did before. Like adding the metal made the scars more of an artistic statement than a horrible back story. I guess it helps that I'm an art major in that respect. People expect artists to be weird; I fit right in.

He was so perfect standing there; I couldn't take my eyes off him. I stared too long and he turned my way, looking directly at me. His eyes were golden, glinting like actual pools of honey in the sunlight. He cocked his head a little to the side and I realized I was still staring at him. I didn't know what to do, so I just turned around and walked back the way I had come. I didn't think I'd ever seen him again-it's a huge university after all-but we ended up in four classes together. Cue my ecstatic, breaking heart. At first, I avoided him, but we got paired up in for a project (how is there not ONE other person with a last name beginning with 'T' between Takami and Todoroki??) and I was forced to learn how to push away what I felt in order to get everything done. I thought then that if we could be friends, it'd be enough for me. We became and stayed friends and eventually got an apartment together our senior year. I still feel that way though-he never has to know how I feel. It would crush me to lose him now. I don't have many friends outside of him. Most people are either hesitant because of my appearance or just drift away because I'm terrible at maintaining relationships. He has never once hesitated because of how I look and even when I felt myself drifting from him, he was the one that never left me alone.

I lay down on my bed shoving the sweatshirt to my face, drawing in long breaths, like I'm trying to pull him in through my nose. I slide my hand down the front of my pants and grab my rock-hard cock, already dribbling pre-cum at just the scent of him. "Jesus Kei, what you do to me." I gasp out loud as I start to think about him fresh out of the shower. That's my favorite image of him. Little rivulets of water snaking down his impressive chest, sitting in the little creases of his ab muscles. Those v-lines shimmering away as they disappear into the towel that sits just above his package. That towel so low, I can see his pubic hair-the same golden color as his...regular hair. I squeeze and stroke my dick as I think about how close to his dick that towel is. My hands run over the piercings I have lining my cock, sending an extra little shiver up my spine. I've peeked at his package a few times, but only through his clothes when he's seen a hot girl or something. I know he's hiding a python.

The thought of his hard dick sends an extra pulse through my own. I imagine running my tongue down his chest, to his abs, to those v-lines, catching all the little drops of water. His cock making the towel around his waist fall as it gets harder and harder from the feel of my tongue ring rubbing on various spots of his body. I tease his cock with my breath for just a moment, up one side and back down the other, before looking up at his face, golden eyes pleading me to take him my mouth. I give him what he wants causing his head to fall back and a moan to escape from his lips. He puts his hand on the back of my head as I bob up and down on him, never pushing me, but playing with my hair the whole time. I tease the head with my tongue ring, giving little flicks and making little circles around the underside and I feel his body tense up and a choked moan come out. I reach around his hips, pulling him into me even further and his fingers tighten in my hair. I shove him as far back in my throat as I can, making myself gag and my eyes water. I don't stop though. I make a noise like a low growl, knowing that the vibrations mixed with my piercing will drive him nuts. "Oh shit Dabi-" he cries out in that breathless manner he gets when he's worked out too hard. His whole body twitches hard as he comes down my throat in powerful, hot bursts. I swallow every drop, as he jerks with the last of the them.

This isn't enough. I need more-just this once. I lay the hoodie next to my face as I turn on my side. I lick two fingers on my other hand and slide them down the back of my pants. "Oh fuck, Kei." I moan as my fingers enter my ass. I pump my dick harder with the other hand as I picture him spinning me around and bending me over the bathroom counter. He teases me with his cock as he reaches a hand up to my mouth, forcing two fingers between my lips. He slides back and forth on top of my ass while he reaches around and strokes me in time with his rhythm. I suck on his fingers hungrily until he pulls them away. He leans back from my hips just enough to get his fingers into me, thrusting and stretching while still stroking my front. "Oh sweet fuck Kei, RIGHT THERE!" I cry out as he hits the right spot over and over. "FUCK," I yell but just before I break, he pulls out his fingers and shoves his huge cock in me. "Right there you said?" He says to me as my whole body stiffens and I almost burst as soon as he enters me. "OH MY GOD FUCK ME KEI!" I yell out as he pounds into me. I try to find a grip on anything on the counter, knocking everything over. He pounds even harder and I don't care about anything else. He's damn near jackhammering and I don't know how much longer I can hold it when he stops and pulls out all of a sudden. Confused, I look back to see him reaching behind himself as he says, "I want to feel that Jacob's ladder in me as you cum." SAY LESS. I stand up and spin him around, shoving him up against the wall, bending down to taste him first. He moans again as I lick and rim him. He reaches back and grabs a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back. "Enough-fuck me already." He growls out.

I stand up, pull his hips a little away from the wall to get the right angle, and plunge my cock deep into him. We both let out moans and I feel him tighten around me. "D-don't do that...I don't w-want this to e-end yet." I stammer out, trying to think of anything but blowing my load right then and there. He reaches one hand back, grabbing my ass, pulling me even further into him, until I'm up to the hilt. After a second he breathes out, "Please fuck me Dabi, please." I can't take it anymore. I pull back and thrust into him with all my strength. Jesus FUCK HE'S SO TIGHT. He cries out as I pound away. I snake one hand up his back, between his wings and the other around his front to his cock, still hard as granite. I start stoking him as I continue pistoning in and out of him. "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH MY GOD YOUR FUCKING DICK IS AMAZING!" He screams. Oh shit, I'm gonna blow any second. "Fuck Kei you're gonna make me cum." I bite out through gritted teeth, trying to hold on as long as I can. I reach my hand over and stroke the edge of his wing, "OOOOOH FFFFFUUUUCK" he moans out. "I'm coming oh GOD cum with me, CUM WITH ME TOUYA!" And at the sound of him screaming my name, we explode.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck Kei...FUCK YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM." I say with my face buried in his hoodie, scent wrapping every nerve in my body in a cocoon of him. My fingers pounding my ass in time with my hand jacking my dick. I imagine him crying out my name and my whole-body spasms under the weight of my orgasm.

When my body finally stops jerking and my muscles relax, I lay there, in my mess, face buried in his hoodie. "Dammit Kei, I love you so much. That girl better know how special you are or I swear I'll kill her. Fuck I'll kill her if she hurts you at all. She has no idea how lucky she is that she gets to love you." I whisper into the warm material, knowing it's as close as I'll ever get to telling him how I feel. I lay there for just a little longer, breathing in his scent a little longer, committing it to memory even more. Eventually I get up and clean myself up. Grab a new pair of pjs, gotta remember to do laundry today, and go back down the hall with the sweatshirt, having decided to leave it where it was to begin with. I couldn't face opening his bedroom door with what I just imagined. I place it back down on the chair and head into the kitchen again.

I hear the front door open while I'm making a sandwich. Surprised, I pop my head around the corner and see Kei walking in by himself. "What are you doing back?" I ask as I go back to building the meal. That was close. He didn't say anything. I peaked around the corner again, he was just standing there, back to me, hands clenching and unclenching. "Dude?" I say. "Oh uh...yeah things just uh...ended early." He answered, still not turning around. I grabbed my sandwich and walked out, "You ok?" I ask as I walk by. He turns and I notice that his cheeks are flushed. It IS cold out, but he's being weird. "Oh! Yeah. I'm fine. Sorry. Ran all the way back. I was need of some fresh air." He said. "Ok." I replied, still wary. I kept walking towards my room. "Julie and I broke up." He said after a few moments. "Aw man, I'm so sorry! What happened? Did she cheat on you? 'Cuz I know some people that can make a bitch disappear. Just sayin'." I say, only half joking. He smiled-God, that smile- and laughed a little. "No, no nothing like that. I broke up with her." "Oh. Why?" I was genuinely confused. "It just didn't feel right anymore." He answered. "Well, better to end it when you know things aren't right then try to force something that's not there. We'll go out Friday, find you someone cuter." I said and turned back around, trying to hide my ridiculous happiness at that. "Eh, maybe. Maybe I'll just stay in. Oh, here's my sweatshirt." He said. I tried very conspicuously to not react. "Hey want to know a secret? Something I've never told anyone." he said, starting to walk towards me. Only a few steps, but alarm bells start screaming in my head. "Ok...." I said. What was he playing at? "You "You know how my feathers are super sensitive?" "Yeah?" "Well, they're even able to pick up soundwaves if I focus them enough, like tiny little recorders playing just for me." I take in what he's saying with confusion at first, then abject horror when it hits me as he pulls a tiny red feather from the front pocket of the hoodie in his hands.

My sandwich falls to the floor and my heart drops with it. I have no words; I can't even form a thought. I feel tears start to well in my eyes and they hurt so much. I'm done. My life is done. The pain I feel in my chest as I imagine all the ways he's going to leave and never have anything to do with me again shatters every rib and crushes every organ in its path. I can't breathe. OH MY GOD I CAN'T BREATHE. I reflexively put a hand to my chest, trying to will myself to take in air. "There's a reason I broke up with Julie." He finally says. What? Julie who? What does that matter? I'm still standing frozen in place as he walks up to me. I should brace for a punch. He's got a mean right hook. I. just. can't. move. This is really gonna hurt. He stands so close to me. His body close enough to mine that I can feel his heat. Oh god. Oh god, here it comes. He's going to tell me to fuck off and die and I will. I totally will.

He leans forward and kisses me so softly on the lips, I think I'm hallucinating until he pulls away and I immediately miss the feeling. "You know how long I've wanted to do that? he whispers to me, leaning into my ear, pressing his body against mine now. I can feel his heart racing in his chest, as I'm sure he can feel mine. "Since the moment I saw those ocean blue eyes of yours at orientation freshman year."

*If you wish to keep up with this fanfic read the rest here*

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