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So This is Love

So This is Love

By: BassiesTrap

After years of searching for the one, many heartbreaks Naruto had all but given up finding the match to his soulmate. His tattoo seemed like it was burning a hole in his chest where it laid. Until one drunken night he realized that he wasn't alone...


bl, alternative universe, narutolovestory, sasuke



**This is my first Naruto fic. Please be gentle with me I'm doing my best and am super nervous. I hope you enjoy it! I do not own the characters only the idea!**

Chapter 1

When Naruto turned 10 he woke up excited knowing that today was the day his soulmate, would be known to him. Little did he know that it was still so damn vague it wouldn't have mattered regardless.
He stripped down and searched his body in the confines of his tiny room looking every which way in hopes to see it. In the process of doing so, he fell and happened to wake his mother. She came in laughing as she saw her excited son in his boxers covered in a sweat trying to see what if he was a chosen one and if he in fact would have a clue.

"Naruto, relax I can see it plain as day. If you let me help you ill tell you what it says as well as where it is." She said in a fit of laughter

"Mom!" he groaned and pushed his hair back from his face

"Fine, so where is it? I need to know, what colour is it? Is it pretty? Am I lucky?" words leaving his mouth a mile a minute and Kushina just smiled

She sat on the foot of his bed patting it so he would come closer and sit as well. Once he did she gave him a hug and smiled."Happy birthday Naruto! Now, it's on your rib cage right under your left arm. near your back, you're going to need a mirror to see it correctly. Do you want me to tell you or bring a mirror?" speaking calmly and making sure he was awake enough to think properly.

He sat there for a minute thinking and she could see the gears turning in his head as he decided what he should do.

"Can you tell me now and I'll look later when I take a shower before school?" His eyes were full of hope and wonder.

"Sure thing sweetheart. now lift your arm for me."

He lifted his arm and she read out to him what it said and what it meant.

"Oh Naruto, you are one lucky guy!" A smile across her face told him she wasn't lying.

"The moon wouldn't shine without the sun beaming across her face and warming her heart. " A smile reached her eyes as she swept his hair from his face.

He thought on that for the longest time, his brain moving all over the place trying to figure it out as he went.

"Naruto, one last thing. It's gold. Do you understand what that means? " She asked.

"No, is that special? LIke super special mama?" Eyes wide and full of hope.

"It's the most special kind Naruto. Now go get ready for school, I have your birthday breakfast cooking and I don't want you to miss out because your father is going to be up soon and he may eat it all!" she said with a grin as she stood up and loomed over him. Tickling him on his bed.

Once she knew he was awake she kissed him on his forehead and walked out of the room.

Naruto grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom grabbing a stool by the sink so he could stare at the new part of his body.

The golden colour of the tattoo shined in the light from the small window as it poured in a fraction of the morning sun. Leaning over to turn n the light his eyes popped as he examined it carefully his fingers rubbing over the small words printed over his ribcage and near his back. Now if only he knew who she was...

Years passed and Naruto still had never found his soulmate, every girl he talked to seemed uninterested.

On his 25th birthday, he had all but given up hope. He sat in a bar with his friends looking at how they were all with the ones they loved, but he was truly alone.

He had a few friends who never even got a soulmate tattoo, Garra was one of them.

He always stated he wasn't meant for another and he was okay with that.

Naruto had always hoped it was Sakura, his neighbour since he was a baby. They were close but she got her tattoo in green along her left forearm in bold letters.

"You are an angel in a world full of demons. My heart swells with love as the world burns around us."

It was pretty neat but he knew after all that they should have matched.

All his research had led him to understand that each colour meant something different.

Blue meant fresh new love, green meant a love that was never met in their last life, red was a passionate love that would be met early on and would burn like a fire consuming all, black meant it would be sad that it would end in disaster separating them until their next life, and then gold. Gold is what Naruto had, it was strong and meant that overall the lifetimes they have had, each time they would find each other and the world would be at their feet. Most who had gold were meant for greatness.

Naruto didn't feel great, let alone greatness. He had done well for himself and joined the Hidden Leaf military at 17. From there they helped pay for his college education. Due to his exemplary record, he was picked up by Anbu.

None of his friends knew, they all assumed he was just a Captain in the military. Which was fine by him. He didn't even know the people he worked with. Above or below.

"Hey, birthday boy, you gonna nurse that drink all fucking night or what? Let's party already!" screamed an already overly drunk Kiba.

Slamming back the rest of his beer about to order another one when his phone buzzed. Not his personal line but his work line. Sakura gave a knowing look and Shikamaru just shrugged his shoulder.

"Sorry guys, work calls." standing up and gathering his items.

They all gave hugs and he was out the door and in his car in minutes. He was used to this being a top-ranking member of Anbu. Life didn't really happen anymore, maybe that was why he was over the whole "finding his soulmate" shit.

Until his time was up with Anbu and he could once again be a civilian, there wasn't any time for love, not without upsetting his future wife. He had enough nagging at work from his team, he didn't need it anywhere else!

He drove to his designated parking spot so that no one would know who he was and called into the Hokage.

"Inari checking in, what do you need Baa-Chan?"

"Listen you little brat. You will respect me or so help me I'll call your mother!" He could feel the veins in her forehead popping over the phone and laughed.

"We have a mission for you and you alone, A top-ranking government official is moving to Konoha and we need you to watch his back. Be here in 20 minutes, full gear and mask. They're aware that Anbu is protecting them and we need you to stay discreet."

She raddled off a few more items before she hung up quickly.

Naruto ran his fingers through his hair and went to his drop point. There he changed into his Anbu gear and used a genjutsu to change his hair. Oh, how he hated having brown hair but he'd make due. Most of these jobs were 2 weeks tops.

Little did he know this job would change his life forever..

**Well everyone I hope the first chapter is okay. I don't have a beta but hey! I will try and update once a week. I hope you all don't mind. Thanks for reading!**

*If you wish to keep up with this fanfic read the rest here*

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