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Pure Romance by Kris Sharpe

  For Women’s History Month this year, Animeforwomen will feature 30 women who own a small business. Each business that we feature is donating a gift certificate. The gift certificates will be given away at our raffle event on Discord  March 31st at 5pm PST/8pm EST. A winner will receive a gift certificate from each business. *You need not be present to win.*

Up to 7 chances to win! Click here!


(Business Owner: Kris Sharpe)

Pure Romance by Kris Sharpe

Since 2012, Kris Sharpe has been educating, entertaining, and empowering women about

women’s sexual health, wellness and desire with her Pure Romance business. For over 10 years Kris

Sharpe has provided a safe environment where women can talk, collaborate, and enhance their sexual exploration. The beauty of buying Pure Romance by Kris Sharpe products is that they help women embrace their bodies and inner desires unapologetically. From body safe silicone adult toys, to the use

of premium ingredients in her lubricants, enhancements, and beauty products, Kris Sharpe is passionate about representing high quality and safe products, so that her clients can shop with confidence.

Why shop with a personal consultant? In terms of education, Kris Sharpe goes beyond the classroom in order to separate sexual health fact from fiction. She also spreads sexual awareness and encourages the pursuit of pleasure. Shopping with Kris Sharpe, gives you the ability to ask questions, get

advice, and explore your sex life regardless of your relationship status. Having the ability to shop 1-on-1 with Kris Sharpe as your personal consultant will give you the opportunity to be guided toward products that will work and feel best for you. In addition, for women living in the southern California area, having

an in person Pure Romance party with Kris Sharpe is a great way to catch up with your friends while laughing and learning about exciting new products. Plus, hostesses get spoiled with free products to enjoy as thanks for hosting a party.

Gift Certificate Donation:$25


Pure Romance by Kris Sharpe


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