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Pokémon Cosplay by @norimaki_chan

We asked @norimaki_chan

💜What inspired you to start cosplaying?

💜What is your favorite cosplay and why?


Before you read her answers check out her Misty cosplay from Pokémon !


Her answers:

“From a very young age, I have always loved dressing up and I grew up being passionate about anime and video games. 5 years ago I made my first cosplay (Arale Norimaki from Dragon Ball), it was the first time that I joined my passion for dressing up and my geek side.At the end of 2021 I went to my first convention wearing a cosplay (Master Roshi from Dragon Ball), and I could witness the love shared between the public and the cosplayers, I had a lot of fun with the roleplay, it was a revelation for me! So I bought my first sewing machine, a roll of goma eva and the adventure began. Today it is my greatest passion <3”

“My favorite cosplay is Master Roshi from dragon ball because it is a so funny character to role play. Also, as people don’t regularly expect a girl to be wearing it, it is even more funnier. This character reminds me of my childhood too, dragon ball is still one of my favorite anime of all times 😉”

@norimaki_chan Favorite cosplay: Master Roshi from Pokémon

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