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My Hero Academia Cosplay by @attack.on.lucy

We asked Lucy who is a beginner cosplayer from New Jersey…

💜What inspired her to start cosplaying?


💜What cosplays is she eager to do next?

Her answers are below but first check out her Shoto Todoroki cosplay!

For more cosplay follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

@attack.on.lucy answers:

“To be completely honest, the anime My Dress-Up Darling inspired me to start cosplaying. I’m a shy person so that anime helped me get out of my comfort zone. I’m actually glad that I’ve finally started cosplaying and can’t wait to do more of my favorite characters in the future!”

“I have so many cosplays that I’m excited to do but the one that I’m REALLY looking forward to do is Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. But that won’t be until November. I’m also excited about my next cosplay which will be based off of the anime Tokyo Revengers. I still didn’t pick a character yet, but either way I’m looking forward to a lot of different cosplays!”

*Animeforwomen does not own these pictures*

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