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In that Moment Eren Yeager x Reader by Maddy M.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

In that Moment

By: Maddy M.

If you would’ve told me that five(5) years ago, I would be standing next to the love of my life. I totally would’ve thought it was bullshit and laughed in your face. But now I’m here.

Five(5) years ago~

You stood at a drink stand on the side of the road debating on what drink you should get. Your blonde haired friend left you alone to find a bathroom a while ago. You stared down the menu trying to find the best one. You’re currently on spring break in The Bahamas. The sunny weather has really pulled you out of your seasonal depression. Around this time back in senior year of high school, you lost the love of your life. That was a day you’ll never forget. Poor Armin had to help you with everything. You didn’t go to school for a week after that whole mess. But now you’re in your last year of university.

“What the hell are you doing Y/N? You’re holding up the line!” Armin yelled to you from across the plaza. You looked behind you to see the line and there wasn’t any.

“Sorry I got lost in thought.” You chuckled.

He shook his head and chuckled

“Whatcha thinking about getting?” He asked curiously.

“I’m thinking the bahama mama.” You grinned.

“Oooh that one sounds amazing!” He replied.

You nodded and ordered two(2) Bahama Mamas. You handed the clerk 10$ for the drinks and left the stand. As you handed Armin his, you sighed.

“I can’t believe this is our last day in paradise.” You said to your friend sadly.

“We must definitely have to come back! Maybe not with majority of the class though. Have you seen Jean? He’s made quite a fool of himself in front of a group of girls” Armin laughed as he told you the story.

You could help but burst out laughing. “That sounds a lot like Jean. Gosh these years have gone by so fast.” You said as you chugged a good portion of your drink.

“They really have. I’m really glad we’ve been best friends throughout the whole experience.” He said sipping his drink.

“You know you’ll never replace me!” You said sticking your tongue out to him.

“I would never replace you Y/N” he said sweetly.

“Oh come on you melt, let’s go dance!” You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the beach where there was a dj set up and a crowd of people dancing. As you were pulling him to dance, you finished off your drink.

As you got closer you felt the bass go through your body. Armin let go of your hand and yelled to you,” I’m going to finish my drink before I join you onto the dance floor.”

You nodded to him and went to join the crowd. You got to the middle of the floor and you lost yourself to the beat. You didn’t notice when a stranger got close to you and slowly started to grind against you. You ignored the advancement from the stranger and tried to put space between you guys. That’s when he grabbed your hand. You turned around to cuss the person out but as you met the eyes of the person holding your hand hostage, your whole body went still. All the feelings and memories you tried to ignore for years came flooding back. The stranger pulled you closer to him.

“Are you real?” You questioned the stranger.

“Yes Y/N, I’m completely real and I’m right here.” The dark haired man said.

Tears slowly started to fill your eyes and he had noticed. He continued to hold your hand as he pulled you away from the crowd.

By this time the sun was getting ready to set. The skies were painted with blues, pinks and purples. It was absolutely stunning. Seeing him here was a dream come true.

“Where did you go?” You asked him with a frown painting your face.

“My father had to relocate due to a new job. But don’t worry. I’m finally here now.” He replied with a sweet smile.

You embraced him, with tears streaming down your face. He returned the embrace by wrapping his arms around you.

“I thought you would’ve moved on after I left.” He confessed.

You shook your head, “ I could never replace you, Eren.”

He smiled and looked down upon you.

You looked up at him and stared into his beautiful sea blue eyes. You also noticed his hair has gotten longer and was kept into a bun. You giggled at that fact he was sporting a man bun.

“What’s so funny, Y/N?” He asked curiously.

“The fact that your hair has gotten longer and that it’s in a man bun.” You giggled.

“I can always wear it down if you would like?” He blushed.

You shook your head and reached up to touch his cheeks with your fingers. He leaned into your familiar touch. You had missed this for years. As you got lost in thought you didn’t realize he was closing in the gap between you. You closed your eyes to accept the long awaited kiss from years ago. As his lips reached yours, a wave of electricity was sent through your body. The kiss happened in the most picture perfect way. The sun hitting the horizon and the moon started to peek out. You didn’t realize you had been kissing him for awhile until he pulled away, leaving you breathless.

“I never want to stop doing that with you.” He confessed with a blush forming on his cheeks.

You blushed deeply at the confession, “I want to do that with you always.”

He grinned and pulled you into another heart stopping kiss. He was absolutely perfect. You wrapped your hands around his neck to bring him closer. As you did that motion, he followed it with wrapping his arms around your waist. As you pulled away to catch your breath, the look of his eyes was almost enough to send you over the edge. The lust and the love for you shining through.

“Join me tonight in my room?” You whispered to him.

He blushed and nodded. You took his hand into yours and made your way back to the hotel.

Once you got back into your room, you already knew this was going to be the best night of your life. As soon as the door clicked shut, Eren locked it. With a mischievous grin he stalked towards you. Like an animal stalking it’s prey. You backed up until you hit the bed and that’s when he had practically pounced onto you.

To the present~

As you stood at the alter with Armin by your side, you sighed.

“What’s wrong girly?” Armin asked.

“I just can’t believe that this is the most important date and he’s late. I swear he’s never going to hear the end of it.” You said with a hint of attitude.

Armin chuckled at the response and before he could say anything, Eren had walked through the doors in a rush. His tie practically flying behind him.

You chuckled at the sight knowing you could never be mad at him.

“Nice of you to join us Eren,” Armin joked with him.

Eren’s adopted sister following right behind him cursing him about being late.

“At least I made it.” Eren said with an innocent grin.

Gosh you lived this man so much. You took one long glance at him and his messy hair.

His adopted sister, Mikasa, went to smooth it out before the ceremony started. Mikasa stood at her brothers side as Armin stood by yours.

You wore a classic white dress to renew your vows with the love of your life. After that fantastic night in the Bahamas, he had proposed. And of course you said yes! After being engaged for a year, you guys finally tied the knot. And goodness was that a night to remember as well. Now it’s been 4 years married to the light of your life.

As the minister finished with vows, Eren grinned and pulled you close. He gave you an electrifying kiss that left you stunned. This man knew how to push all your buttons. So you decided to play at his game and kissed him back with just as much passion. He grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the alter.

“I have a surprise for you.” He told you with such joy.

“Oh do you now?” You asked with a chuckle.

He nodded and pulled you into the cab that was on standby. He pulled out two plane tickets to the Bahamas.

You squealed with joy,” My love! You didn’t?”

“Oh yes I did.” He exclaimed.

You grabbed the tickets and examined them to make sure they were real. You handed them back once you finally realized they were real. You sat there staring at him in complete awe. You never thought that this was what your life would be like. Spending everyday with the love of your life. What a dream it was.

“Did you already pack the suitcases?!” You nearly forgot to ask the most important question.

He nodded and kissed your cheek.

“Of course I did, mi amor.” (translation to “my love in Spanish)

You closed your eyes in complete bliss awaiting what’s to come in the future.

A few years later~

You sat down by a tree in the shade to block away the sunshine. You hear your oldest child laughing at Eren.

“Come on guys, it’s time for lunch.” You called out to them. You pulled out the picnic basket filled with fruits and sandwiches.

They both looked at each other and Eren said to the child,” I’ll race you to mommy.”

The toddler already started running before Eren could even start. He started to laugh and jogged up to the child. He picked him and placed him onto his shoulders and the kid acted like a plane racing through the skies.

You loved this this sight so much and can’t wait to see more of it. They both got over to you and sat down next to you. Eren wrapped one arm around your shoulders and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“Mommy when will sissy be born?” The child asked.

You and Eren both chuckled and you patted your very pregnant belly.

“Soon mi amor.. soon.” You smiled to the child.


-We do not own story or images used-

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