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Genshin Impact Cosplay by @_yuukitsune

We are asking content creators like @_yuukitsune to share a bit about themselves! Read on before you get to her Lumine cosplay 😉

We asked Yuuki

💜When did you first get into cosplaying?

💜What’s your favorite cosplay you ever done?

Yuuki answered:

“It was 4 years ago..(wow I feel old 😂) back when anime cons were held at least once every 2 months! We’d go into public transport in cosplay and get stares, but it was fun and all!! Can’t wait for those times to come back!”

“My favourite cosplay would be Violet Evergarden. I resonate well with the character, and is a very big fan of the series!! It was such an honor to be able to cosplay Violet! I have some more photoshoots planned for her in the future so do look forward to seeing them in the future! XD”


Take a look at Yuuki’s Lumine cosplay from Genshin Impact! 👇👇👇👇

Photographer :

Follow @_yuukitsune on Instagram for more cosplay! 💜

*We do not own photos. If you wish to use photos please contact the cosplayer*

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