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Gamer Aesthetic | @neonmochiii style

From controllers to super cute headsets, the gaming industry has become a place for women to thrive…

Finally! We are being heard and understood in the video game industry. No more only having to choose from either black or no.…in 2021 we have options. We have rights! We have!…Okay getting carried away but still, isn’t it great we finally have an option to pick a color or pattern that is best suited for us?

If you haven’t seen a bad ass gamer set up by a woman we are here to share!

Peep @neonmochiii for example she is showing us how it’s done with her gamer aesthetic. She has everything you need to get started being a gamer :

  • Colorful Keyboard

  • Cute Cat Headset

  • and ofcourse gaming systems like her SWITCH and PC

Follow her for more on Instagram @neonmochiii


  1. Comment below pictures of your gamer set up!

  2. What’s the first video game you ever played?

  3. Which gaming system do you prefer out of them all?

  4. If you never played video games or gaming in general what is stopping you?

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