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Featuring Cosplayer @hailthenaninator

@hailthenaninator is a cosplayer and photographer.

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💜What made you get into cosplaying?

@H: I've always been a crafty person and into anime. Growing up, I didn't think people in America had the same interests until I attended my first con. Seeing cosplayers opened a whole new door to me that I never knew existed.

💜What is your favorite cosplay?

@H: My all time favorite is my Empress Wu. It always makes me feel so confident.

💜We see that you do photography as well. Do you enjoy being in front of the camera more or behind the camera?

@H: I'd say both equally!! I've worked with a lot of wonderful photographers who has made my cosplaying experience very enjoyable. I do a lot more behind the camera these days because it's less taxing on my body than being in elaborate cosplays haha. Both are very rewarding when I get to create magic with and for others.

💜Just for fun: What is your favorite anime?

@H: This one is hard! I adore Code Geass and Sakura Cardcaptor as classics! With more modern animes, I like Kino'.

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