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Animeforwomen's Halloween Cosplay Contest 2023

Submit your best cosplay/ costume of any character in settings from anime, manga, or weeb related content.

Must be submitted by November 1, 2023. 


Must be 18+ , and identify as a woman to enter the contest.

Your cosplay/costume must be of a character in any anime, manga, or weeb related content. 

NSFW photos/risque cosplays WELCOMED. 

Must be submitted by October 27th 2023. 

Submit your cosplay/costume 


Submit your cosplay today for a chance to win!



receives a free t-shirt from our store! Check out your options here.


     By entering your submission onto the Animeforwomen website or email address, you are therefore granting permission for Animeforwomen to utilize your submission for promotional purposes on all of Animeforwomen's social accounts, including but not limited to, the Animeforwomen website, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and TikTok. You are also granting Animeforwomen permission to use your submission for other promotional purposes not including social media, such as in newsletters or in other advertisements.


     Animeforwomen does not intend to sell any of your submissions; the submissions are intended to be used exclusively for promotional purposes. If in the future event sales of your submission are desired by Animeforwomen, a contract with the creator will first be established before any sales are permitted. In addition to granting Animeforwomen permission to use your submission for promotional purposes, you also grant Animeforwomen permission to promote your personal social media handles that you provide.


     Animeforwomen intends to use said personal handles in order to give credit to the creator whenever possible. All submissions entered onto the Animeforwomen website or to the Animeforwomen email address must be owned by the person submitting the content. Anyone found to have submitted unauthorized work to Animeforwomen will be banned from participating in future Animeforwomen events and could potentially face legal consequences.

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