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Gojo Fanfic

Gojo Fanfic

By: Talisha B.

"You’ve been a bad girl.” A deep voice leans into me and whispers in my ear from behind.
I turn around, there is no one behind me. After looking around a few more times, I go back to folding my laundry and putting them away in my drawers in my new apartment in Kyoto...


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Chapter 1

“You’ve been a bad girl.” A deep voice leans into me and whispers in my ear from behind.
I turn around, there is no one behind me. After looking around a few more times, I go back to folding my laundry and putting them away in my drawers in my new apartment in Kyoto.
I came to Kyoto University as an exchange student for the next two year from Spelman College as an engineering student. I was able to talk the department into letting me finish out my degree at an international school seeing as things needed to cool down at home. Seeing as I shot my sister’s piece of shit boyfriend in the shoulder after he beat her, which landed her in the hospital. The only reason he’s not dead is because she grabbed my arm. Also the only reason I’m not in jail is because he couldn’t call the cops from the multiple outstanding warrants he has on him. Either way, I will still try and keep him away even while I’m away.
“Wait… Didn’t I just put that sweater away?” I mumbled to myself as I put my favorite sweater back where I had originally placed it.
“Did I say you can move it back?” That deep voice said again. This time I turn around and see a man standing in the corner of the room.
He was tall, with white hair. Muscular, but still lean enough to not look like an enraged bodybuilder. This man was wearing sunglasses even though it was late enough into the evening that the sun wouldn’t hurt anyone’s eyes. But one thing was for sure as I looked at him even more, he was expensive, his clothes were understated, but even I knew that they cost more than what I’ve made in the past few years combined.
“Who the fuck are you? And why the hell are you in my apartment?” I screamed as I threw clothes at him as I backed up to the bat that I had purchased when I got into town.
“Oh me?” He laughed as he easily dodged clothes. “I’m your neighbor. I got locked out, mind if I use your porch for a second.” He pointed behind him.
Hearing him say that made me remember about what the landlord said about me now having to deal with the crazy-yet-hot neighbor.
“Are you Gojo Satoru?” I asked as I pinched the bridge of my nose to ease the oncoming headache this has caused.
“In the flesh.” He was grinning. He really is crazy. “Speaking of flesh… Yours looks soft.”
“That is a very weird thing to say.” I screeched.
“But it’s true, I bet it feels like silk. Can I touch it?” He stood up straighter against the wall. It felt like with every breathe he was watching each movement of mines with great amounts of attention.
“I appreciate you asking, but no.” I said as I looked for something to cover up in. All I had on was a thong and a thin tank top since I had run out of clean clothes. Everything was now scattered on the ground and would require me bending down to grab it.
“I’ll let you touch me then.” He chuckled as I stumbled over some of the clothes that were surrounding my feet.
“For what reason? Dude get out.” I pointed to the patio.
“If that’s what you want, but the offer remains. I’m here in hiding for a few days cause I can. So just whisper my name and I’ll be here.” He stated as he started walking to the patio door. “Oh and also on more thing… The walls are pretty thin, I bought you some new batteries. Let me know if you’re wanting a replacement for them soon.”
He winked at me as he maneuvered between the divider between our two apartments’ patios.
This asshole! I grabbed my pillow and screamed, and heard a laugh muffled by the wall. Oh I can’t wait until he is no longer in hiding and goes away.

The department had a welcome party for all the incoming exchange students, which included me and five other people all from different countries and colleges. There was a lot of beer and other drinks that I didn’t remember. Somehow I had stumbled back to my apartment even though there were multiple offers to help me back. I wanted to deal with none of them. For some reason my mind was filled with the tall white-haired crazy man that was staying right next to me. And it was the liquid courage that was pulling my feet towards his door.
I knocked on his door with all of my might. When he opened the door, he was in absolutely nothing, no clothes to be seen anywhere. The only thing that I saw was a towel in his hand.
I was shocked as he brazenly stood there smirking at me. But alcohol was taking the lead tonight.
“I didn’t think that you would take me up on my offer this soon.” Why was he sexy when he smirked?
Oh shit, I had tequila tonight. I remembered as I looked at his lips and licked my own. I also remembered that whenever I drink tequila that I get massively horny. Oh shit.
“Well you have mistress tequila to thank for that.” I slurred my words slightly. I was at least sobering up quickly. I wanted to jump him the moment I saw him, but that was beyond appropriate at the moment.
“Are you drunk?” He looked concerned and leaned in towards me enough that his face was a few inched from mines. I could smell peppermint on his breathe.
I wanted to lean in further to close the gap, but Gojo pulled me through the door and locked it as soon as I came through.
“You were walking around smelling this strongly of alcohol?” He sounded a bit angry?
“I mean how else was I supposed to get back? Better than crashing on one of the guys couches.” I shrugged.
“You’re showering with me. We’re going to get that smell off of you.” He took my hand and started leading me to his bathroom. Once we got there he started helping me get undressed.
“I can literally go next door and do this in my own apartment you know.” I complained as I stepped out of my leggings.
“If I sent you home now I’d be concerned that you’d drown in the shower. You smell like tequila and sugar.” Gojo said as he unhooked my bra and let them slide down.
The bra got stuck on my nipples for a second until I actively tugged it off since my nipples were rock hard. As I forced the bra over, I let out a little moan because even though they were highly sensitive, it felt really wonderful at the same time.
“Ahm… Let me get the water going. Just need us a quick shower.” He said as he stepped around me.
I don’t know what came over me, but I had the urge to hug him from the back. It might have been because I was feeling lightheaded a bit. However, the next thing I know I’m hugging him close and squeezing my breasts against his back as much as I can do so. I wanted there to be no space between us.
His back was hard as a rock but wasn’t uncomfortable. He also smelled like forest and rain and it was absolutely intoxicating to me. It must have been the tequila, but as I saw a bead of sweat fall down his back, I had the urge to lick it, and so I did.
“What are you doing back there little kitten?” He asked as he sunk into me as I started rubbing my hands up and down his torso. I wanted, no needed, to feel every single part of him. “Enjoying your exploration of me I see.”
All I could do in response was give a little moan as I kissed his back with soft kisses over whatever part of him I could reach.
After some time he grabbed my hands and pried them off of him. I was about to step back as I may have gone overboard with it, but he didn’t let go of my hands. Instead, he turned around to face me and took my wrist in one of his hands. He backed up towards the wall of the shower and placed my hands above my head.
“You’ve had your fun exploring kitten. Now it’s my turn.” He leaned down and whispered in my ear.
Goosebumps started rising across my body out of anticipation of what he was about to do to me.
“Keep you hands above your head. Or else you’ll receive punishment.” He said as he grabbed a washcloth and put soap on it. I was curious as to what he was going to do with it so I complied, for now.
Gojo started at my neck, and made small circles going down my body. He reached every single spot, making sure to leave nothing uncovered in suds. When he got to my breasts, he deliberately focused on my nipples, giving them sight pinches as he continued to rotate around them. He continued going down my body, while teasing areas here and there as he continued down to my feet.
Once he finished, he set me under the running shower and rinsed me off. After all of the suds were off of me, he grabbed another washcloth to wash his own body. He made sure to do all of this while keeping eye contact with me the entire time. A few times I would start lowering my arms, and he would stop washing his body while lifting up one of his eyebrows to indicate that I needed to keep them up. I would sometimes do it back to back to see the wicked look in his eyes each time I would test him.
Once he was finished and rinsed off, he turned off the shower. I hadn’t realized just how hard I was breathing until there was no constant sound to drown out my heavy panting. He pulled me out of the shower and bent me over the sink. He wasn’t even attempting for us to dry off, and for some reason I found it to be a turn on that we were soaking wet in a steam filled bathroom.
I cried out as his hand came down over my backside. He didn’t lift his hand, instead he began kneading where he struck. I felt a shiver as I felt the heat leaving the struck area.
He hit the other side in the same manner. Again, instead of lifting his hand he began kneading the place he struck. I started moaning from how good it felt. He chuckled as he started kneading my ass in a heavier manner. As he kept it up, he started to get into a rhythm where he was going in opposite directions with each hand. With each motion he would start spreading each cheek more and more, each time I would feel more air on my pussy. Each time it felt like I was being exposed more and more. I didn’t notice that he had knelt down behind me until I felt him blowing on my exposed pussy each time he would knead me apart more and more.
The stimulation was driving me crazy. My legs started to feel weak as he continued to blow on me. As I became more exposed, he went from blowing air on the general area, to blowing air directly on my clit. Each time I felt an orgasm start to build, he would stop, then he would spread me more and blow harder on my clit. I kept my hands on the sink as I was feeling too euphoric in this feeling to do anything more.
His teasing kept on for what felt like hours to the point that I was using the sink and his hands as support as my legs had completely given out.
After a while longer, Gojo let go of me, only to pick me up and take me to his bed. He threw me onto it. A little too hard as I almost fell off of the edge. However, I didn’t as he instead grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed where he had a chair facing towards it and was holding a blindfold in his mouth.
He took the blindfold and put it over my eyes. I started to protest about it but he gave me a hot passionate kiss while repeatedly stroking my tongue with his. I thought I was still drunk on tequila, that is completely wrong now. Now, I’m drunk on this crazy man.
As I laid there blindfolded and waiting to see what would happen next, I didn’t expect to hear him chuckling as he just ran his hand up and down my legs. He pulled me even further to the edge of the bed and it felt like his shoulders were propping my behind up and he started tilting me up towards him.
I definitely wasn’t expecting for him to just set in with sucking hard on my clit from the start, but he did. As he was sucking I could feel his tongue flicking against my clit hard. I felt my orgasm coming in hard and fast as he kept it up. I started to push against his head as I felt my explosive orgasm coming to a head, but he kept going until I was screaming as I came hard against his mouth. But he didn’t stop there. Instead of stopping once I came, he kept on going. As he continued to stimulate my clit, I continued to cum and cum hard over and over again against his mouth. Finally, he stopped.
“Well my little kitten, that was delicious thank you for the meal.” He chuckled as I felt his hands moving to my ankles. “But don’t think I’m finished, we’re about to start on the best part.”
I felt something slick and hard rub against my entrance. If it was what I thought it was, I was beyond wanting it, I was craving for it.
“Do you want it?” Was he panting as hard as I was?
“Yes!” I answered back.
He pressed more forcefully into my entrance, stretching me as he began to fill me up. As he inched in a little bit, then pulled out to the tip, then pushed forward even more repeatedly doing this until I felt him stop. Once he paused, he removed the blindfold. It took me a second to regain my line of focus, but I was trying to do so while feeling him deep within me.
Once I could finally see, I looked up to his face and saw that he had a look that he was about to devour every single inch of me. I couldn’t help but tightening up against him. I think that had turned him on even more cause I felt him starting to throb within me.
He wasn’t moving at all but instead leaded forward to rest his forehead on mines. We stared into each other’s eyes for moments. Then he gave me a grin that promised wicked and sweet things in the coming hours.
He pumped forward onto my cervix, as he was already sitting deep enough within me to easily reach it. I moaned as he did it a couple of more times before pulling back to his tip and thrusted all the way back into the base.
The first orgasm came quickly as he relentlessly pounded deep within me, with his speed increasing as he fucked me deep over and over again. I felt the next orgasm building as he continued to drive deep within my pussy, giving me no break after the last one. The overstimulation that I had gotten from being blindfolded remained as I felt every point of contact between our skin amplified than what it would’ve been before.
He kept going harder and faster and deeper, never letting up for a break between either one of us. I had never came so much before, and yet he was continuously bringing me to orgasm.
“Is my little kitten enjoying herself?” He panted as he kept thrusting forcefully in between words.
“Ye- yes!” I screamed as I began orgasming again around him. He groaned as I tightened around him wanting him to cum deep inside me.
“Then I will finally give you what you want, you’ve been tightening around me so much I can’t hold back any longer.” Gojo leaned down to suck on my tongue as he started pounding into me even faster than he already way. “Cum for me again kitten.”
Even though I have been coming non-stop for over an hour, I felt one starting to build up like never before. I knew this one was going to be catastrophic. I knew with this I wouldn’t be able to walk for a while afterwards.
“Get ready kitten.” Gojo moaned as he was starting to pound me even harder than he was before. Then he went still as I felt him starting to throb within me. He was filling me up to the brim to where I could feel it starting to overflow and leak out.
I laid there clutching onto his arms tightly as I came down from my orgasm high. After I could catch my breath, I reached up towards his face so I could bring him down for a kiss. I gave him a long deep kiss, hoping he could feel my thanks for such an amazing orgasm.
“Oh, kitten you don’t honestly think that I am done with just that do you?” He wrapped his fingers around my throat and squeezed a bit. “I want you to be filled wit my cum for the rest of the night. Turn over and get on your knees. Just like that, lay your head down onto the bed.” I complied with the instructions that he gave me.
Over the next several hours until the sun came up, I was fucked so hard and deep that my pussy molded to the shape of his dick. He was relentless, not taking a break, going round after round. Each time he filled me up. With each time he got rougher. He would spank me and choke me as I started to moan his name over and over again. No matter how hard he pounded me and handled me, he would still rain gentle kisses on my lips and my neck and breasts as he kept me at an orgasm high.
By the time the sun started to rise, we were laying on our sides, completely out of breathe while he was still inside me, finally slowing down to slow shallow pumps. He had filled me to the brim like he had promised as I felt it coming out with each and every single pump.
“It’s morning.” I breathlessly said.
“It is.” Gojo said in reply, kissing my forehead. “Go to sleep kitten. Don’t you have classes tomorrow. You need rest before I enjoy you again and release you back to your apartment.”
“You think you got me wrapped around your finger, don’t you?” I rolled my eyes at him. Though at this point I don’t think I will ever have sex that great again in my life.
“Oh, I know I do. Just as you have me.” He chuckled. “I head back to Tokyo tomorrow, but I come back once a month. For as long as you’re here you will spend a night with me whenever I come back. Let’s even try some things as well.”
I thought about it for a second. Having a sex friend isn’t a bad idea since I don’t plan to stay here forever, and don’t want a relationship while here. It was a perfect situation.
“You have a deal. But never think I will submit so easily when sober.” I told him as I settled in to go to sleep.
“Oh you’ll submit to me at some point, sober even.” He laughed. “Sleep. I put my number in your phone in case you can’t wait for my once a month visit.”
I settled into a deep sleep, knowing when I wake up I was going to get fucked into another slumber.

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